Additional Options & Services

Interactive Map

Create custom Google maps with markers containing locations, descriptions, images, categories, links & directions.


Sell your products online with a fully customizable, open source eCommerce platform.


Easily setup discussion forums inside your BBWP site.


Experience a better way of translating your BBWP site.


Create a network of sites on a single BBWP installation.

Login Portal

Manage the access of your content by protecting it behind a login.

Filterable Content

A simple search and filtering add-on for all types of content.

Digital Retainer

A web retainer is the perfect solution to managing your website's ongoing needs at an affordable price.

Facebook Campaign

Advise, design and execute one Facebook ad campaign for email acquisition.

Email Communication Assessment

Review appeal campaign, newsletter, or constituent outreach and provide findings & recommendations document.

Infographic Design

A visual image used to represent impact data for use on your website

SEO Research

Evaluation of client-added content & site performance in Search Engines.

SEO Monitoring

Monitoring SEO Performance to make sure your website is maintaining expected performance.

Online Card Sorting Exercise

Gather feedback from constituents to help organize your website sitemap.