Additional Options & Services

Blog Import

Import Blog posts from a previous site into new BBWP site.


  • import all blog posts from the old platform to the new BBWP site via an export file or direct connection to the old blogging platform.
  • BB designer to work with client to obtain the export file, or gain access to old platform to perform the import.
  • import is done once and prior to go-live of the new site.


  • Reformatting or altering posts content
  • uploading banners or featured images of individual posts (if applicable)


  • The import is specifically for date-based “post” information, such as “latest news” or “blog”, and NOT “Pages” that will need structuring
  • Client is required to supply one master file, but may be required to work with Blackbaud directly to provide batches depending on the success of the import
  • This work is done one time only (before the site is live). Subsequent imports, once the work is done are, not included.
  • The data to be imported originates in WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, Django, or Tumblr only
  • The URL should be different from the site it is going to. For example, if it is a legacy WordPress site, the import would go from into This is done to ensure images are brought over.
  • Any content that is within the imported data that relies on third-party functionality, will not be replicated. The import only includes text and images.
  • Services do not include reformatting or altering posts content
  • Services do not include uploading banners or featured images of individual posts (if applicable).
  • Imports are in English language only