Additional Options & Services

Data Export/Import

Export various content types from an old WordPress site to BBWP.


Export and Import various content types such as Custom Post Type, Users, Images, WooCommerce Products…

Note that this add-on is meant to be used for one-time exports and imports. Only a Blackbaud consultant will be allowed to perform the export and import tasks.

  • Easily import into fields specific to your BBWP site. WP All Import auto-detects the fields used by your plugins and themes, and makes it simple to import data to them.
  • Import images from anywhere. WP All Import can download images from an external server and link them to your posts, or link images that you upload to your site to posts imported with WP All Import. Specify the URL or file names of the images, and the importer will add them to your posts’ Media Galleries, and optionally set the first one as your Featured Image. You can also import image meta: title, description, alt text, and caption.
  • Import new data to existing content. WP All Import can load data from an XML or CSV file into posts that are already present on your site. You can update previously imported posts with a new file, or import data into posts that already exist on your site – for example, using WP All Import to import stock quantities to existing products, or to import updated property prices to manually created property listings.


  • Data Import/Export in this context refers to matching data from an existing WordPress system to the BBWP system.
  • Client to give Admin access to the existing WordPress install and grants Blackbaud the ability to install plugins to the site.
  • Blackbaud will analyze the data and determine what can and can’t be imported.
  • Depending on the format and quality of the imported data, clean up tasks (such as formatting, configuration and the creation of new content) may be required by the client.
  • Data may not be able to be imported to specific module types included within the Blackbaud Builder
  • Doesn’t include reformatting or altering posts content, uploading banners or featured images of individual posts (if applicable)