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Digital Retainer

A web retainer is the perfect solution to managing your website's ongoing needs at an affordable price.




What is a Blackbaud Website Package Retainer?

A typical retainer will outline the key project objectives, activities and tasks to be completed for the project under the retainer, specifying a set timeframe and deadlines. For a Blackbaud Website Package retainer, this could include aspects such as:

  • Facebook Lead Generation Campaign
  • Email Communication Assessment
  • Custom Light Box Design
  • Infographic Design
  • Additional Content Optimization
  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Monitoring

On average, retainers can range anywhere from 10-20 hours per month often lasting 12 months or more.

Blackbaud will to track the number of hours spent on the project and ensure that if too little or too many hours have been spent that the client is notified and this is then reflected in the retainer for the following month.

Why should Blackbaud clients have a retainer?

1 – It’s cost effective and secure

Managing the needs of a Blackbaud client under an ongoing retainer can mean a huge saving when you compare it to the cost of hiring someone in-house, or even on a freelance basis, to do the same job. With aspects like holiday, benefits, and HR responsibilities, hiring new employees can be time-consuming and expensive. In fact, on a salary alone they’re likely to be paying around double the price of a retainer every month, to cover the same amount of work. Not to mention the flexibility and wider more varied skill set available at your fingertips, through working with a larger team within Blackbaud.

Even if their monthly requirement is minimal, they’ll still be making a saving compared to paying for work as and when it comes up, as your retainer will afford you a reduced hourly rate.

2 – Developing a strong partnership

Blackbaud will get to know their organization and brand inside out, meaning that work can be completed at a greater speed and with a greater degree of accuracy, understanding, and insight. In fact, Blackbaud agency will most likely be able to anticipate your needs ahead of time. It will also mean you have priority access and won’t need to worry about booking time out way in advance when work arises.

3 – A reduction in admin

Blackbaud will already have great background knowledge about the organization and their projects, they’ll spend far less time briefing work out and explaining every last detail. As Blackbaud will also be overseeing your project month by month, tracking work completed and hours spent etc., it means less time spent on day to day project management and more time on their overall strategy.