Additional Options & Services

Filterable Content

A simple search and filtering add-on for all types of content.


  • Create forms to search your posts, products, or any other custom post types in your site
  • Add category
  • Drag and drop interface – makes building and editing forms so much easier
  • Use AJAX to display results. No page refreshes.
  • Dynamically update the count values in the search forms as a user is searching to reflect the correct number of terms for the current search.
  • Create as many different search forms as you like, and as many results pages as you like
  • Display anywhere in your site using modules or shortcodes
  • Include or exclude tags, categories and taxonomies from your search results

Use Cases:

  • Resource libraries
  • Scholarships or grant listings
  • Faculty/staff directories
  • Job Opportunities
  • Report/project database
  • Anything that has lots of listings that would be helpful for people to search and filter by multiple categories


  • All data must be within the BBWP system
  • No integration with any other system or API is included
  • Search and filter options will be discussed with the Blackbaud designer/consultant