Catalog of Additional Options & Services


Easily setup discussion forums inside your BBWP site.


  • Revisions
    • Revision logging uses the existing revision system inside of WordPress to store a record of any post edits and displays this information on the front end of any bbPress topic or reply that has been edited.
  • Favorites
    • Marking topics as favorite, allows users to bookmark and view their favorite topics later.
  • Subscriptions
    • Subscribing to topics or forums allows users to receive email notifications of new posts.
  • Topic Tags
    • Topic tags allow users to filter between forums and display topics with a specific topic tag.
  • Search
    • If forum wide search is enabled, a user is able to search for any replies, topics, or even forums by searching a specific keyword of their choice.
  • Post Formatting
    • To enable the ability to format posts with HTML and the Quicktags Toolbar.
  • Auto-embed Links
    • Allow the user to have the ability to automatically embed any Youtube videos, Twitter tweets, Imgur images, Vine videos, and Instagram photos directly into topics and replies.
  • Reply Threading
    • Enable a nested replies layout to a topic, so if a user is replying to another user’s reply, it will appear nested instead of the default flat forum view.
  • Widgets
    • bbPress comes with five widgets available to add to any of your WordPress themes sidebars
  • Shortcodes
    • Create macros to be used in the layout of your forum content on WordPress pages.
  • Forum Tools
    • Three different tools to repair, remove your forums, or to import forum data from some other forum software.