Additional Options & Services

Gravity Forms – Polls

Add polls to any page or post to easily get the feedback you need.


Seamless Integration

  • The Polls add-on seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms (premium form plugin included in all BBWP packages) to easily add polls directly to your forms.
  • Create advanced polls and view the results directly on your BBWP site with just a few simple clicks.
  • Ability to use more advanced features like capturing subscribers for your mailing list or using advanced conditional logic to filter your submissions.

Public or Private Poll Results

  • Display your poll results publicly on the front-end of your BBWP site or privately in your dashboard.
  • Limit poll results to only the people who need to see them, or publicly display your users’ feedback for the world to see.

Gravity Forms Powered

  • Limitless possibilities when it comes to creating and displaying your polls on your BBWP site.
  • Even advanced features like conditional logic are a breeze with Gravity Forms. With just a few clicks, you’ll be creating the perfect polls to perfectly reflect the feedback of your users.


  • Custom Email HTML formatting results vary between Device, Browser and Mail Client
  • Submitted user data will be kept on the BBWP platform

Client Examples: