Additional Options & Services

Gravity Forms – Survey

Easily interact with your users to both collect and analyze data on your target audience.


Seamless Integration

Quickly integrate a survey into any Gravity Forms powered form on your BBWP site.

Easy To Use

Implementing a survey on your BBWP site is as simple as adding Survey Fields to your form and configuring the available Survey Field settings to your liking.

Survey Results

View aggregate survey results from your BBWP form submissions and filter the data to suit your needs.

User Interaction

Engage and interact with your site visitors to collect feedback and make educated decisions based on the form submissions.

Gravity Forms Powered

Leverage the limitless capabilities of Gravity Forms to create advanced surveys anywhere on your BBWP site. Limiting after a certain date or number of surveys, advanced conditional logic, and an easy-to-use UI…


  • Custom Email HTML formatting results vary between Device, Browser and Mail Client
  • Submitted user data will be kept on the BBWP platform