Additional Options & Services


Experience a better way of translating your BBWP site.


  • Add as many languages as you need. Users are able to select their language from a menu.
  • First time visitors will be redirected to their preferred language based on their browser settings or IP address.
  • Translate what you see. The interface allows you to translate the entire page at once, including output from shortcodes, form and page builders.
  • Live preview of your translated pages, as you edit your translations.
  • Support for both manual and automatic translation (via Google Translate)
  • Allows you to translate larger blocks of html with a single translation, by joining multiple translation strings into a translation block.
  • Full integration of Google Translate allowing you to set up Automatic Translation using your own Google API key and only translate what’s not perfect.
  • Extended language switcher includes a floater menu, shortcode and individual menu items you can add to any menu.


  • Any manual translations that are required must be done by your team
  • The Google Translation API is not included in this statement of work. You will be responsible for the setup and costs related to the use of the Google Translation API. Read more about this here.