Additional Options & Services

Login Portal

Manage the access of your content by protecting it behind a login.


This add-on is useful if you need a member area, or a private section within your site. Including all post type (post, pages etc.), taxonomies (categories etc.) and files by creating user groups. Just assign the content you want to restrict and your registered users which should have a access to a group. From now on the content is only accessible by the specified group.


  • Set access by user groups
  • Set default user groups
  • Set time based access
  • User-defined post type (posts, pages etc.) title (if no access)
  • Optional login form (if no access)
  • User-defined comment text (if no access)
  • Hide complete post types (posts, pages etc.)
  • Hide elements in the navigation
  • Redirecting users to other pages (if no access)
  • Recursive locking of content
  • Limited access to uploaded files
  • Also protect your rss feeds


  • The login portal will display role-based information based on a user being logged into the website.
  • The estimate is based on X number of roles
  • User login details reside within the BBWP system and not across other platforms via APIs etc.
  • Login does not tie into Raiser’s Edge NXT. Logins that DO connect to RENXT are available at no extra cost.