Additional Options & Services

SEO Research

Evaluation of client-added content & site performance in Search Engines.


What is it?

To make sure clients’ sites are performing well in the search engine within the organic listings.

It’s likely that a good portion of our clients’ website traffic is coming from search engines. But could it be more? Are they missing out on people who might be interested in their organization, but aren’t finding them in search results? Search engine traffic can become an important source of new subscribers, volunteers, event registrants, and even donors, but they have to find you first. Once they are found, are their web pages set up to engage and convert those new visitors?

Our SEO strategy included in the Professional package will explain where they are and what opportunities exist to increase traffic. We’ll zero in on keywords that would bring quality visitors to your website. We’ll also guide you on how to move those visitors along the appropriate conversion path.



  • One kick-off call to review the SEO process, discuss past SEO activities, discuss goals, determine timelines, identify key landing pages (up to five).
  • One keyword research call to review the top keyword for each landing page previously identified as well as secondary keywords.
  • One project wrap-up a call to review findings and provide a recommended course of action.


  • Technical (on-page) analysis of the site to identify problem areas, assistance with configuration of tracking tools (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools)
  • Keyword analysis to reveal the top keyword for each key landing page as well as secondary terms.
  • Backlink analysis to identify areas of improvement.
  • Review of local SEO and recommendations (based on need).
  • Roadmap (document) on how to implement SEO findings into the website and manage going forward.