Additional Options & Services

Virtual Events

Highlight virtual events on your calendar and integrate with your favorite online meeting tools.


Bring virtual events to life.

  • Classes
    • Virtual Events allows you to create a remote learning classroom on your BBWP site. Create a hub for virtual classes and stay connected with your students.
  • Performances
    • Easily embed livestreams from YouTube, Facebook, and more on your BBWP event page. Keep fans in the loop by promoting livestreams and virtual performances.
  • Conferences
    • Virtual Events is the perfect BBWP add-on for remote conferences. Organize virtual panels, embed livestreams, and make it easy for attendees and speakers to participate.
  • Webinars
    • Use Virtual Events to feature upcoming webinars on your BBWP site while connecting your audience to resources and other key info before and after each webinar.

Highlight virtual events on your calendar.

Highlight virtual events right in your main calendar of events, and make them discoverable by Google with built-in schema optimization.

Powerful Zoom integration.

Save time by connecting your Zoom account. Automatically generate and display Zoom links for your events from your BBWP dashboard.

Indicate events as virtual

Virtual events don’t require a location (though you can add one if it’s hybrid) and are SEO-friendly.

“Display link” button

Use a linked button to direct users to your virtual event or livestream location.

Manage events from BBWP

Connect Zoom, label events as virtual, manage attendees, and control content all from your admin dashboard.

Enhanced Google SEO

Structured data and virtual event schema markup support means your events display properly in Google search results.

Schedule video links and livestreams

Hide your video links, livestream embeds, and other embedded content until just before your event starts.

Livestream embed

Keep traffic right on your site by embedding your livestream (or pre-recorded video) link from YouTube, Facebook, and more.