Cloud Operations

Cloud Operations in a Microsoft Azure™ Environment

We manage your Blackbaud cloud solution end-to-end, with world-class security, privacy, and risk management and performance. Your data is secure with proactive security infrastructure services and modern internet data transfer, and you can count on reliability with industry-leading uptime.

5 reasons why Cloud Operations, in a Microsoft Azure environment, are a great fit:


Blackbaud solutions reside on highly-available, high-performance servers and leverage latest technologies. There’s no need to worry about maintaining an on-premise database because of the hybrid cloud.

Never Too Much or Too Little

Microsoft Azure’s on-demand architecture makes it an ideal platform for your deployment. The scalability of Azure meets the demand of your organization and adjusts to accommodate your changing needs quickly and seamlessly.


Instead of storing your organizations’ data on a single machine, Azure distributes it across multiple machines throughout Blackbaud’s massive server architecture. This provides a layer of redundancy that keeps your deployment running if maintenance needs to be performed on one of the machines.


Microsoft Azure is well renowned for its competitive encryption options and compliance coverage. With the FedRAMP High Authorization that covers 18 Azure services, more than 70 compliance coverings, and by committing to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it’s the most trusted cloud.

Cost Effective

Blackbaud solutions in Azure is a cost effective deployment option. There is no costly hardware to purchase or maintain.