Blackbaud Website Package Modules

BBWP-RENXT Integration

Connect BBWP site with RENXT Database.


  • Connects BBWP to NXT through Blackbaud SKY API
  • NXT constituent and WordPress user association
  • Invite constituents to WordPress
  • See which constituents have logged in to WordPress
  • Search for constituents
  • View constituent biographical and membership information
  • Conditionally display content to members and member segments


  • Donor portal for constituents to login to BBWP
    • View/edit NXT constituent profile in BBWP
    • Access donor only content that the organization configures

NXT Admins

  • Conditional content displayed to logged in constituents
    • User role groups are defined using
      • NXT custom codes
      • NXT memberships
  • View NXT constituent list and profile information
  • Invite constituents to interact with website
  • Create forms for constituent solicitation