Blackbaud Website Package Modules

Table of Contents

Improve readability, navigation & SEO score of your websites with the advanced Table of Contents Module.
Table of Contents

    Add Table of Content Effortlessly

    Add a table of contents to your web pages in just a few clicks! The Table of Contents module scans headings of your web pages and creates a table of contents.

    To make it more advanced and convenient, there is an option to exclude include heading by using HTML tags and classes. Using this functionality, you can easily choose which titles should get involved in your table of contents, and which are not.

    Improve SEO Score & Optimized Readability

    Having a table of contents at your web pages helps you improve your websites’ SEO score and enhances users’ navigation experience. With the table of contents module, you can provide your visitors with an overview of the page; this helps them to find out exactly what they are looking for. It ultimately reduces their time & makes it easier for them to go to the section they want to explore directly.

    Customization Options

    Table of Contents Module is loaded with advanced features & functionality. You can customize & style your table of contents the way you want. From word wrap to typography, color, and box styling. It gives you the flexibility to design this module to fit any website style, be it an e-commerce site, a knowledge base, or any wiki-style site

    Sticky Table of Contents Feature

    If you tend to publish long-form content on your website, then the “Sticky” table of contents features is highly useful for you. Enabling this feature allows a table of contents to scroll along with the page as the user scrolls. This makes it accessible and easy for the user to navigate through the different sections of the content.