Professional Package

Best for organizations with large, more complicated websites. This option includes extra services such as online card sorting exercise, usability testing, SEO research, and a social media campaign.

What's Included

Content Strategy

You will work one on one with an expert content strategist and designer to discuss your goals and desires for the website. The discussion will include any challenges you are having that they would like the website to help address, who your audience is, what you're trying to accomplish, messaging, and more.

Persona Exercise

You will work with your strategist to think through who your audience is, why they come to the site, and how the website can help them easily find what they need and lead them to further engagement.

Content Review

We will crawl your current site and create a spreadsheet of the site content. Then we'll work together to determine what pages need to be deleted, combined, and renamed.

SEO Research

An SEO expert will research how your site is performing and what opportunities exist to increase traffic. We will research keywords that will bring quality visitors to the website and guide you on how to move those visitors along the appropriate conversion path.

Online Card Sorting Exercise

Your strategist will set up an online survey to gather feedback about how the website should be organized. The exercise takes the list of pages from the Content Review and asks users to sort them into groups. The designer will then analyze the data and see what patterns emerge that will then inform how the site should be structured.

Site Map

Based on your goals, your audience, your content needs, and industry best-practices, your strategist will put together a recommended site map. A site map defines the architecture and organization of your pages.


Your strategist and designer will present a wireframe to show the proposed page content and hierarchy. A wireframe helps ensure we are aligned in our vision for the strategy and structure of the page content before we add design.


Your designer will show you a working responsive prototype of the site design before the full design is applied to ensure the overall layout and content strategy are working well.

Custom Design & Build

Professional packages include custom visual design and development. Your designer will discuss your branding and preferred aesthetic and come up with a great design that is easy for users to interact with. The site will be built with both site visitors and content managers in mind, ensuring that you will have full control over the design of your site well into the future. Includes 2 rounds of revisions.

All Standard Modules

You will have access to all 40 of the standard modules in our drag-and-drop page builder. From buttons to accordions, videos to hover cards, the group of standard modules give you a lot of flexibility to create great pages.

See List of Standard Modules

All Advanced Modules

In addition to the standard modules, you will have all the advanced modules available.

See List of Advanced Modules

15 Pages Designed & Optimized

We will design and build 15 pages for you. The pages will be optimized for search engines and will become templates for you to use to easily populate the rest of your pages on your own. We can also do more pages for you at an hourly rate.

Usability Testing

An online usability test will be set up to help validate design and content decisions. The usability test can consist of click tests, navigation tests and design questions. The designer will present and analyze the results and suggest revisions based on the results.

Two 1:1 Training Sessions

You will have two two-hour training sessions with your designer to learn how to edit your site and use the back-end tools.

Training Videos

You will have access to all our on-demand training videos and documents.

All the Built-In Features

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Hosting on Microsoft Azure Virtual Private Cloud
  • PCI Compliance (What's that?)
  • SEO Tools
  • Responsive Design Control
  • Blog
  • Calendar
  • Forms
  • SSL Certificate
  • User Management
  • Site Speed Tools
  • Blackbaud Support Access

Professional Examples

Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation

Mascot Hall of Fame

ARCH National Respite Network

Business Executives for National Security

Pearl S. Buck International

Georgia Transplant Foundation