Renewal Information

For clients currently on our Legacy WordPress platform

Best Option:

Upgrade to BBWP and get a new site design

Talk to them about upgrading to BBWP. Contact Biz Dev if you'd like to set up a call to show the client a demo or discuss any unique needs. Upgrading to BBWP gets them a new site design and a much more easy to use platform. Depending on their current subscription, moving to BBWP may mean spending more, less, or the same as they do now. 

Next Best Option:

Replicate their current site in the BBWP platform

If they are interested in having the new functions of BBWP but don't have time or interest to go through a redesign process, we can do a replication of their current site design in the BBWP platform. Learn More About This Option or Contact Biz Dev to get a quote.

Last Resort Option:

Let them renew for a year on the legacy platform.


For clients already on BBWP:

Standard and Best Option:

Renew them for another 3 years on the same package they are on now. 

Blackbaud Website Packages (standard offers denoted as Starter, Essentials or Pro) include 1x services to get the website up and running.  Each package includes a set of deliverables unique to that BBWP package.  A standard (automatic) renewal is for another 3-year term.  If a standard renewal takes place, the organization is eligible to utilize the services deliverables toward a site refresh/redesign during the renewed 3-year term.

Services can include:

  • Discovery call to determine client's needs and which services they would like (within the number of package hours)
  • Redesign
  • Design refresh (light redesign)
  • Site map recommendations
  • Content audit
  • SEO recommendations
  • Social media campaign
  • Usability testing
  • Infographic design

Package Downgrade

Only applies to existing Essentials and Professional packages

If a client wants SOME services (for a light design refresh, site map consulting, etc.) but doesn't need the full amount of service hours that come with Essentials and Professional packages, they have the option to downgrade their package, as long as it's for another 3-year term.

Hosting Only

If the client does not want ANY services from Blackbaud, but want to keep their website up and running.

At renewal, the organization will have the option to keep the current design and move forward migrating from the standard offer to a Cloud Operations-only package (data center operations, PCI security, support, maintenance, etc.)  Any organization seeking to leverage this option must notify the Blackbaud renewals team before the end of the original term.