How Do Blackbaud Website Design Services Compare to Others?

We understand that your website may be looking a little dated and in need of some TLC, but you have a non-profit to run and a million other things to prioritize. You need to know that you have done your homework and researched which is the best fit for you. The question is, exactly what are you comparing?

we have put this handy guide together free to use as a comparison make sure that when comparing vet Blackbaud to other vendors you are asking the right questions. Obviously, we would love to work with you and provide top-notch strategy and design to work towards achieving the mission of your organization.

We believe that our approach to implementing your website coupled with a flexible interface for you to manage your website content, confidence knowing that we have dedicated teams for security and support on hand ready to reactively answer any questions and resolve any challenges that you are facing throughout the life of your contract.

Use the table below to guide your decisions on how we measure up other vendors:



Our methodology.

  • The first step is to look at your existing website and determine how it compares to other health care websites.
  • We then analyze your current online presence, to determine a strategy to accommodate your business needs.
  • This strategy not only dictates the structure of the website, but it is designed to ensure that it builds patient trust, communicates the mission of your organization, and has clear calls to action be it to encourage volunteerism or increase donations to your constituents.
  • With these goals in mind, we work on creating a stunning responsive design that works on both mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.

Although we can brag about our designs and show examples such as CLIENTNAME and CLIENTNAME, we are especially proud of how the underlying technologies work:

  • The Blackbaud website package has easy drag-and-drop page creation tools making it easy to create engaging content for your audience
  • Hosting a website on a high-performance server with the security and privacy a healthcare provider would expect
  • A dedicated team that is Constantly watching the performance of your website ensuring that it is free from malware and hacking attempts
  • Has secure socket layer certificate as standard to ensure your site is secure
  • A dedicated support team that is online or a phone call away to answer questions or handle any issues that may arise.
  • Include software to optimize performance ensuring that the load time of your website is super fast



What to look for when choosing a site?

PDF for reference - take away.

comparison tool

"pitch it to your boss"

the value is in the detail



post-launch resources?


Maybe not:

  • Modules
  • Demo
  • Training