BBWP SKU Catalog

SKURevenue TypeProduct Description
DSWPSTRSUBSubscriptionBlackbaud Website Package Starter
DSWPESSSUBSubscriptionBlackbaud Website Package Essentials
DSWPPROSUBSubscriptionBlackbaud Website Package Professional
DSWPHOSTSUBSubscriptionBlackbaud Website Package - Hosting Only
DSWPMULTIHOSTSUBSubscriptionBlackbaud Website Package Per Multisite
Hosting of an individual multisite, once a main site has been created and is up and running.
DSWPOLXWRAPFPEFixed PriceWordPress OLX Wrapper FPE
DSWPOLXWRAPSUBSubscriptionWordPress OLX Wrapper Sub
WPCALENDARFORALTFixed PriceDesign of Integrated WordPress Calendar
WPCALHOSTINGBUNSubscriptionWordPress Calendar Hosting Offer
IMWPTMTime & MaterialsWordPress TM
SBWPRETRetainerCustom WordPress Retainer
SBWPRETNRRetainerCustom WordPress Retainer (Non-Renewable)
ACSPM1FPEFixed PriceProject Management 10 FPE
ACSPM2FPEFixed PriceProject Management 20 FPE
ACSPM3FPEFixed PriceProject Management 30 FPE