The Navigation Workshop helps us create a logical site map that is relevant to our clients’ target audience. We determine what is in the content closet and how it should be structured using a content audit and card sorting exercise. The end result is an easy to consume, categorized site-map which aids in usability and improves time visitors will spend on the website.


Navigation Workshop

The Navigation Workshop involves an exercise known as card sorting. Card sorting helps us find out how clients’ website users organize your content in related groups. Understanding this will help us create a logical site map that makes sense to the target audience. This exercise does not give us the final site map but gives us the user’s perspective that needs to be taken into consideration along with stakeholder input and competitive benchmarking.

Content Inventory Worksheet

First, we need to find out what content already exists before we can begin making decisions on what to reuse, what to refresh, and what to retire. To do this we use a Content Inventory Worksheet to show us the current state of the organization’s content. This worksheet forces thought about your content strategically, by defining calls to action, target audience, content owners etc

  • Blackbaud captures existing content on website on a Content Inventory Worksheet
  • The Client will review the worksheet and complete the fields
  • Decide what pages are worth keeping in the new site
Online Card Sorting

When we know what pages will be on the new website, we can setup the Online Card Sorting exercise. This will then be sent to test participants, comprised of your volunteers, internal staff, board members, supporters, etc

  • Online “cards” will be set up from the content inventory
  • Clients will provide us an email list to distribute the online card sorting exercise link.

Site Map

After the online card sorting exercise has closed, we can collect the data and feedback. We use the user-centric data from the card sorting exercise and combine it with your input and our expertise to create an effective site map structure.

  • Create a sitemap based on card sorting results, organization input and competitive benchmarking.