Website Design for Arts & Cultural Organizations

Website design for nonprofit organizations that enrich their communities and advance their art form. These organizations include museums, gardens, performing arts organizations, and cultural foundations.

Arts & Cultural Websites Built With Purpose

Websites for the arts such as theaters, museums, and parks, have to be able to find a balance between encouraging people to visit and buy tickets or membership, while also engaging their donors and telling about their broader mission. Our non-profit web design experts can help analyze your needs and find the perfect way to engage all your audiences.

Questions We Ask When Designing an Arts & Cultural Website

  • Who is your most important audience? Visitors, members, patrons, donors, etc.
  • What are your primary calls to action?
  • Do you have a membership program and what benefits does it offer?
  • What are the primary reasons donors should support you?
  • How many events do you have per year and do some need to be promoted more than others?
  • What's the most important thing you want users to know when they visit your site?

4 Things to Include in Arts & Cultural Organization Websites:

Visitor Information

If your organization welcomes visitors, the most important thing for visitors to find is info about hours, location, guidelines, etc.


Especially in a post-COVID world, users expect to be able to buy tickets in advance online. Have clear calls to action for tickets.


If you have a membership program, make sure you have an engaging membership page that highlights all the benefits of membership.

Reasons to Donate

People won't just click on a donate button for no reason, explain how donations from individuals support your mission.

Arts & Cultrual Organization Website Examples

Designed and built by Blackbaud's non-profits experts.

Pearl S. Buck International


Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy


Queens Theatre

Ann Springs Close Greenway

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