Website Design for Education Institutions

Your website is often the first impression students, parents, and other constituents get of your school, college, university, or educational organization. The website should set the right tone and make them want to learn more. You also need to have a way to engage with alumni and donors. With so many audiences to consider, it's a good idea to partner with education web-marketing specialists.

Higher Education Websites Built With Purpose

Higher Education Institutions have to be able to communicate a lot of information to multiple audiences - potential students, parents, alumni, staff, current students, and the surrounding community. Your website needs to make a great first impression on potential students and parents, while also meeting the needs of current constituents and engaging alumni. It can be a hard balance, but the education experts at Blackbaud are here to help.

Questions We Ask When Designing an Education Website

  • What makes your institution unique?
  • What is the main priority of the site? Getting new students to enroll, engaging alumni, etc?
  • Who are your audience groups and does each group have a clear path to the information they need?
  • What is the most important information for users to have quick and easy access to?
  • Do you have any stories or quotes from students or alumni that we can feature to build interest and engagement?

4 Things Education Websites Need

Clear User Paths

All audiences (students, alumni, parents, staff, donors) need to have an easy way to find what they need and have a clear user journey.


What makes your institution unique? Why should someone choose your school over another? Or why should someone donate?

Clear Calls to Action

Decide what your primary tasks are (apply, donate, contact, etc.) and make sure they are obvious buttons to users can find them quickly.

Calendars & Forms

Have easy to use calendars that offer filters and the ability to add events to your own calendar. Forms should be simple and intuitive.

Higher Ed & Educational Website Examples

Designed and built by Blackbaud's non-profits experts.

The City of New York dba Andries HUDDE Magnet School

Beulah Heights University Inc

Chi Psi Fraternity

New Trier Educational Foundation

Texas State University

Christian Life School Foundation

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program

Kingdom East Unified Union School District

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