Website Design for Foundations

We provide website design services and expertise that foundations and grantmaking charitable organizations need to have a greater impact. We help foundations more closely collaborate with their nonprofit grant recipients and donors, leading to the ability to measure the outcomes and impact of their grantmaking.

Foundation Websites Built With Purpose

Foundation websites need to be able to communicate their impact, highlight the need for donations and how donations are used, and communicate with grant applicants and grantees. We work with you to define your foundation's priorities and create a site that speaks to all audience groups.

Questions We Ask When Designing a Foundation Website

  • What is the impact your foundation has and how can we best tell that story?
  • Why should donors choose to give to your foundation?
  • What information do grant or scholarship applicants need to know?
  • What are all the ways people can give? Can they support specific funds or projects?
  • Do you have any fundraising events that should be promoted on the website?

4 Things Most Foundation Websites Need


Show your visitors the impact your foundation has through statistics, infographics, stories, or videos.

Reasons to Give

Explain the need for donations and how donations are used. Create a sense of urgency if possible.

Easy Grant Application

Include clear calls to action for applying for a grant and make use of simple online forms.


Include stories or videos about how grants have been used to make a difference.

Foundation Website Examples

Designed and built by Blackbaud's non-profits experts.

San Antonio Area Foundation

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation

AHIMA Foundation

The Public Agenda Foundation

AAPD Foundation

Numotion Foundation

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