Website Design for Higher Education Institutions

Your website is often the first impression students and parents get of your college or university. The website should set the right tone and makes them want to learn more. You also need to have a way to engage with alumni and donors. With so many audiences to consider, it's a good idea to partner with education web-marketing specialists.

Many potential students have never heard of your college or university, and until relatively recently, the only way to access them was via a mailing. However, through the internet, they have access to the entire world, which means that students who may never have considered your institution can now learn anything they need to know and more simply by visiting your website.

You just get one chance to make a first impression, after all. That is why it is important that your website be both appealing and informative.

Why is the design of a higher education website so important?

Students begin their study with your website, which is why the design of your higher education website is so important. Consider it the entrance to your college or university. The majority of students begin their search for information on the website, then fill out forms to learn more about programs, admission criteria, and campus life. Your design must take into account how students communicate with and use the knowledge provided by your college or university.

Thinking like your target audience will aid in the creation of your message. Great higher education website design isn't just about providing content for the sake of having content; it's about having deliberate, meaningful content that motivates readers to take action.

Knowing Your Audience

A prospective student wants to hear from current students about professor experiences, what it's like to live in a particular dorm, and which dining halls they prefer. Parents, on the other hand, are interested in learning about protection, academics, and costs, as well as hearing from experts. Donors, likewise, want to know how their money will be spent, so having stories from students who have been affected by their generosity makes sense.

Your website must appeal to a wide range of audiences, but rather than confusing your message, make sure to create distinct "paths" for each goal. The most straightforward way to do this is through your navigational structure. Although you'll have pages that are interesting to everyone, it's beneficial for site visitors to land on pages that contain the information they need.

Career Next Steps

A pathway helps students make better decisions by establishing deliberate, consistent pathways for degrees and academic programs. Students should be led from their initial concept to a degree program, through the necessary courses, and finally to a clear career path. This is a comprehensive solution that requires complete campus collaboration. Your website, on the other hand, is where students can see the pathways mapped out.

A guided pathway model is incorporated into great higher education web design, so look at schools that are doing it right and find out how you, too, can do it.


Healthcare Foundation Websites Built With Purpose

Healthcare Foundations have to be able to communicate with current and potential donors the impact that their donations have on the health of their community. Your website should be a tool to communicate that impact, thank your donors, and encourage them to engage further.

Questions We Ask When Designing a Healthcare Website

  • What is the impact our organization has and how can we best tell that story?
  • How can we engage grateful patients and help them understand the importance of donations?
  • How can we best promote fundraising events?
  • How can we encourage the community to start their own fundraising events that benefit our foundation?
  • How do we encourage donors to switch from one-time or campaign donations to sustained monthly gifts?
  • What is the status of our planned giving efforts and how can we make it better?
  • How can we best communicate the different areas donors can support and make sure they have an easy path to donate?

4 Things Every Healthcare Organization Website Needs

Easy Path to Donate

Easily allow donors to choose which fund they want to support, how often, and if the gift is in honor or memory of someone.

Impact Stories

Show your visitors the impact your foundations has on the lives and health of the community through stories or statistics.

Clear Focus

Your homepage should introduce users to what you do and have a clear focus. There should be clear calls to action.

Donor Engagement

Have a place to thank your major donors and sponsors. Include quotes and stories from donors and tell about their impact.

Healthcare Organization Website Examples

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