Why and How to Sell BBWP

Why Sell BBWP?

  • Excellent customer satisfaction rates
  • 96% retention
  • Clients often say it's the best part or their favorite part of their Blackbaud implementation experience
  • Every organization needs a website and it can be included as part of a complete solution
  • If you are an Account Executive, you receive a fixed, one-time payout regardless of quota attainment status
  • BBWP is Blackbaud's go-to Content Management System (CMS) in MOST cases. (SWS is best for K-12 schools, BBNC is best for Alumni foundations, LCMS has been deprecated.)

What are the key selling points?

  • Integrates with other Blackbaud products (currently RENXT, LO, and JustGiving but more integrations are in development)
  • Easy to use page building tool, built on WordPress. Many clients have said it is the best CMS they have ever worked with. Clients get full control over content and styles.
  • Clients get to work with our nonprofit expert team of designers, developers, strategists, SEO experts, and more. We have created hundreds of nonprofit websites and are experts at creating websites that get results.
  • Everything is included in a subscription. Most other website competitors have a big up-front cost to implement a new website, plus extra fees for hosting and other services. We offer a turnkey solution plus PCI-Compliant hosting all in a yearly subscription.
  • A new bucket of service hours is included every 3 years when clients renew their subscription. This can be used for a redesign or any other services needed.
  • Access to Blackbaud's award-winning support

How to Sell BBWP

  1. Ask if they are happy with their current website and see if you get a lead!
  2. Send them the links below to learn more about BBWP on their own:
  3. If you don't want to work the lead, send it to the Services Account Executives (Rick Buff’s team). If the client reached out to you and you haven’t engaged with them yet, send that correspondence directly to your Vertical’s SAE and they’ll engage directly with the client. If you’ve already engaged the client and want to do a hand-off, email your Vertical’s SAE to start that process.
  4. IIf you are going to work the lead yourself, create a Biz Dev Ops Request (Request Type = “ROM (custom hours estimate)”) in Salesforce with notes about what the client is looking for.
  5. Sales Intake (Eric Miller) will respond to your request and ask any follow-up questions, including if the client would like to schedule a call for further discovery and a demo.
  6. Discovery and demo calls should be scheduled for 1 hour and should Sales Intake (Eric Miller) and the Services SME (Katherine Till).
  7. Eric will provide estimates and any custom SOWs needed for Services required but included in one of the BBWP Packages.